Get On The Bus Testo

Testo Get On The Bus

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
(Hidden Track)

Roll out of my bunk it's a quarter past two
I gotta wake my ass up we got a soundcheck soon
Take a look down at my pass to see what city we're in
'Cause the days fly by and the months they spin
Step out of the bus, some kids are lined up outside
I need a caffeine buzz so I ask for a ride
Get back into the club and we check our shit
One of the monitors is bull so the other we split
We got two hours before they open the doors
So I walk around town and find for a record store
Get back to the bus and I'm all alone
Except for Kudu in his bunk talkin' on his phone
Then a friend of the brother of the room-mate of my kin
Calls to get up on the list so I get em in
And this is how it goes 'till the time of show
When I hype myself and I'm ready to go
And I roll up on the stage and it's all a haze
But the feeling that I get keeps me high for days
Then the after-show party is up on the bus
Where two drunk girls wanna ride out with us
Bus call I'm loaded so I can't see straight
Onto the next city as my eyes dilate
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