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Testo In My Room

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I've got girls, they're in my room.
The only things my room is not here.
10 til 2, the clock won't move,
detention hall is better with beer.
I can do it all in my room.
I can be a rock star with a bad attitude (come on).
I am the king in my room.
I can ground my mom and dad for being bad if I choose.
Shapow! How do you like me know?
SHAZAM, I don't think you understand.
Shaquick! Here I got a 10 inch, TV screen . . .
only in my room.
I've got green, it's in my room.
The only things my room is not here.
Pitching tents, inside my pants.
There's a pool of drool by my ear.
I can fake it all in my room,
I can be a quarterback,
I'm the coolest guy in school (check it).
I can get on down in my room.
I can go and freak Rebecca Romijn in the nude.
TV, munchies, ______, DVD in my room.
Watchin' juggies, spankin' monkies,
doughnut dunkin' in my room.
Ladies love me, pour me heinies, feed me grapies,
in my room. Write a shitty record, for my record label
in my room.

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