Can't Get Enough Testo

Testo Can't Get Enough

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
yeah motherfuckers im back, man what you thought?
back with rap mixed with jabs, homie thats 4 sure
i cant get enough, just keepon spittin hardcore
yea man, i had a break, but now im back in war
back in tha hood, back with a bunch of thugs
rugged for life, man hope you got it understood
i came back to stay and say yo suckaz cant erase me
been away a while, but now i comin back even mo crazy
now i work better, no mo po-pos that chase me
got a problem with me? just say yo name, then face me
im a gutter motherfucker, remember, no surrender
got my guard steady, im ready fo whatever, no pretender
red shirt, red cap, its Z you lookin at
dont talk to much smack, if you dont wanna be bitchslapped
i eatin all ya wack fat ass, so called M.C's
fuckin studio gangstas, fuckin wanna be's
leave tha rap, fast as you can, man please
leave it to tha rugged refugee, Z, straight from KRG
reppin lantmannavägen, 4 6 1 6 zero
got a face attitude, mo heavy then robert dinero
you should never play hero, if u dont wanna face
bitch, we keepon rulin tha streets, get dirty money quick
but i've quit, but tha hood still knows what im about
so fuck all ya, bitch now im out!
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