Metamorphosis Testo

Testo Metamorphosis

Part 1: Decent
Deep underground it lies hidden and waits
A demon seed man or beast a tragic fate
A dark secret of one thousand years
An experiment with life
It revealed a deeper fear mans eternal strife

Something went wrong so they hid the truth from it's eyes
They starved it of knowledge bound it's hands and fed it on lies

Deep in it's mind thoughts are suspended in hate
A frozen tomb earth's womb a dire state

Who am I what am I where am I
I cannot see I cannon feel I can't believe this is not real

A dark secret hidden far underground buried and left to die
But time revealed a deeper fear it was still alive

Part 2: Awaken
The creature stirs and slowly lifts its head
Not knowing whether it's alive or dead
It sees it's reflection but cannot believe
That the thing it sees before it has not one but two bodies

I can feel you we seem joined at the spine
So this is the reason they hid their crime
Are you just a part of me or can you hear my call
We must break free my silent twin and amaze them all

We can if we try leave this hell we share
To leave to break free to get somewhere
The deed is undone and the surface awaits
But she fell from his grasp as the earth began to quake
Deeper she fell until out of sight so he was left alone to face an eternal night

Part 3: Union
Lying on broken ground in the shadows never to be found
Her daylight's night her world is cold
Her spirit's lost a soul was sold
A memory from birth or was it just a dream
For in this world nothing is as it seems

His somber face passes by feigns disgrace and dares to try
Offering a word gets blank surprise
Offering herself he complies

He lifts her up she withers in his hands
No words spoken for eyes understand

He lifts her up to carry her away from the darkness to the light of day
Across the fields of souls forgot through mountains of pain
To the place paradise lost through the driving rain
He sheltered she but they did not know that she gave him life and so now he must go

Part 4: Solace
-various sounds and chaos-

Part 5: Ascent
Skin to skin upon the ocean they embrace and sink into the sea
Two became one but one had the notion
To live for their self and be free
Up from the depths a force it came the two that were one
Were now not the same one spread its wings and began to fly
One drifted away and began to die

Become yourself and all that you are
Set your sights no matter how far
Become yourself and all that you are
Set your sights
Set your sights no matter how far
Become yourself and all that you are
Set your sights no matter how far
Become yourself
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