Reflections Testo

Testo Reflections

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
all i need now is some golden wings that i may fly
but it drops down on me this weight of time
and the pain in their eyes
i crawled along my cracked and narrow path
and saw my reflection in some broken glass
it was blood red blood red and it said
that the years they stay and then move on
and like yesterday you have come and gone
you reached an end
but i know that even though there is summer
there is also a fall
the cold will stay the warmth will leave (whispers)
if to live is to sin then this must be done
for whatever you do is evil to someone
but it's killing me it's killing me
so i'm headed out to that road that winds forever and ever
but it drops down on me the weight of time
and the pain in their eyes
standing here on my freedoms shore
there is nothing left there is nothing more
than to rise so high and then to fall
some songs are prayers and this one prays
"it is better to live free for a moment than a
slave for a day"
so just fade away
fade away
fade away

[music: j. Tipton & t. Tipton]
[lyrics: e. Rosvold]
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