Too Late Testo

Testo Too Late

These days the rule's take what you need if you can't live up to it be sure to face
early defeat rising to an all timehigh rhe stakes are higher than just to get by it's
dog eat dog it's all about fame it's real life and that ain't no game be sure to make
it right gotta get it done if you don't succeed you're gonna get shunned coptic
times it's all about dimes rising to an all time high coptic times set all your goals
don't want no single piece settle for the whole male your moves figure them out
put aside your patience never allow a single doubt you gonna do wrong so
what's the point just do it alone no need for some joint you wanted it all the limit's
the sky but with broken wings you can't even fly you're back on ground realizing
your mistakes but all turned their backs for sure it's too late coptic times take
what's mine out to reach an all time high feelings of regret make them die
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