Big Salty Tears Testo

Testo Big Salty Tears

Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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Big salty tears
Are what I tasted
As I drove
Past your house tonight
And now they're resting
On my burger
As I start to fry

Big salty tears
Here in line
Even those young fresh fellows
They don't sound too good tonight
And all those break lights
That are in front of me
They leave a watery red design

I'm at the age when I realize
The liquor store won't bring you back
I must be getting old
I'm at the drive thru
And I'm making my face
More fat fat fat fat fat
A big salty tears

I'm at the age where I realize
Nothing actually
Just do what I'm supposed to do
Two Seventeen
First window please
A big salty tears

Scarica la suoneria di Big Salty Tears!
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