The Promise Testo

Testo The Promise

Main street lights, morning hours,
Lead me down to quiet streets
Early traffic with it's radio songs
Someplace two rivers meet
Will you be in my life?
Kiss me in the shadows
Time, time, time's going to keep the promise
It's alright, it's alright

Mercy falls on my sacred ground
Pretty woman cries but makes no sound
I am lost, it don't matter
If the paper house comes tumbling down

Going to be in your life, standing in the shadows
Time, time, time's going to make the days flow
It's alright, the promise
It's alright, the loveless

Only a moment in time
The prayers of all the people will fly
Blessing the city tonight
I'll wait for the sound of our voices
To sing...
Love comes and it's alright, that's all
Believe me and it's alright, that's all
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