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È Complicato - Save Room (John Legend)

[Verse 1]

Say that you'll stay a little

dont say bye-bye tonight

say you'll be mine

just a little bit of love

is worth a moment of your time.

Knockin' on your door just a little

it's so cold outside tonight

let's get a fire burning

oh I know I'll keep it burning bright

if your stay, wont you save, save


Save room for my love

Save room for a moment to be with me

Save room for my love

Save a little, save a little for me

Won't you save a little

Save a little for me

[Verse 2]

This just might hurt a little

love hurts sometimes when you do it right

dont be afraid of a little bit of pain

pleasure is on the other side.

Let down your guard just a little

i'll keep you safe in these arms of mine

hold on to me pretty baby

you will see I can be all you need if you stay

won't you save, save


Oh c'mon, make time to live a little

don't let this moment slip by tonight

you'll never know what you're missing

'till you try, ill keep you satisfied if you stay

won't you save, save

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