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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - That'll Show Him


Let the Captain wed me and woo me,

I will play my part.

Let him make his mad passion to me,

You will have my heart.

He can have the body he paid for,

Nothing but the body he paid for.

When he has the body he paid for,

Our revenge will start!

When I kiss him,

I'll be kissing you.

So I'll kiss him morning and night--

That'll show him!

When I hold him,

I'll be holding you.

So I'll hold him ten times as tight--

That'll show him too!

I shall coo

And tenderly stroke his hair,

Wish that you

Were there.

You'd enjoy it!

When it's evening, and we're in our tent for two,

I'll sit on his knee,

Get to know him


That'll show him

How much I really love you!
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