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After The Sunset - The Pineapple Song (Good Size)


Ya Boom - Pine...apple wine - ya dollar fifty all da time

Ya Boom - Pine...apple wine - ya dollar fifty all da time

Turn 'round and let me see ya

Turn 'round and let me see ya

Ya Boom - Pine...apple wine - ya dollar fifty all da time

I got a new dance

Hot like pepper-pot

From the old to the young

Gonna make your body rock

It's really easy - easy peazy

You can do it anywhere

Jump around like you don't care - singin'



A young man broke his leg

Old granny broke her back

And Jimmy got a migrane from a falling coconut

The doctor was confused

He has a solution - a bottle of the apple wine was his prescription

It cured da broke leg

It cured da bad back

It cured da migrane - even cured da heart attack

The people started jumping

'Cause they were feellin' fine

The city's greatest sin was the boom-pine-wine


All youv'e gotta do is just move your waist line

Move it to the left and then move it to the right

Move it up and down and then move it all around

Shake to the world as the sun goes down

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