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Akeelah And The Bee - L.O.V.E. (Love) (al Green)

I started to write this song about you

And then I decided that I would write it all about love

And it appeared to me

That you wasn't happy

And that's for sure, positively

That's what the world is made of

So give me more L-O-V-E, love

Love is a walk down Main street (oh love)

Love is an apple that is so sweet (love)

Love is something that can't be beat (love)

L-O-V-E is strange to me, Oh

I can't explain this feeling

Can't you see that salvation is freeing

It's all in the heavens, can't you see

You can always depend on me

To give you love

Love is a flower in my soul (oh love)

Love is a story that just can't be told (love)

Can't you feel it burning more and more (love)

Stop and look at the big wheel roll

I can't explain this feeling

Can't you see that salvation is freeing

I would give my life for the glory

Just to be able to tell the story

About love

I didn't mean to make you mad

A sweet story, I thought I had

But maybe time will bring us together

And I can be such a happy fella

About love

Love is something that is so divine (oh love)

Love is a feeling that's a friend of mine (love)

It can't be measured by no sign (love)

In your heart or even in your mind

About love, Love is as bright as the morning sun.
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