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All That Jazz - Take Off With Us

Take off with us

Take off with us

We want an up so

We want an up - with us

We want to relate

Going all the way

Wan't you climb aboard to ride us

Do dus (glide with us, glide with us)

Meet our friendly eager crew

They only live to service you ? service, service, service, service

This right ? this right comes from these?

With your choice of seat

And any seat you'll grab will

Be first (fly with us)

Up there where the clands are billowing

And you are so close to heaven as

You'll ever be, clean back, relax

Here come the snacks

Drop your ties

Have a ball

Don't stop don't stop don't stop with one

Trying more, trying more. (yeah,yeah,yeah)

Music is ready to begin

Take out your headset

That's all you need

What's your answer choice

Are you gonna come

On the coolest hottest, coolest, hottest, coolest, hottest

Trip that's ever been .(And you are so close to heaven as you'll ever be)

Clean back, relax!
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