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American Pie - Stranger By the Day (Shades Apart)

Snow is falling from the sky - in the middle of July

Sun was shining in my eyes again last night

Alarm goes off without a sound - the silence is so loud

Something isn't right

Footsteps echo down the hall - no one's there at all

Dial your number but your voice says "I'm not home"

Everything is inside out - I don't know what it's about


It keeps getting stranger by the day

Stranger by the day

It keeps getting stranger by the day

Stranger by the day

Going for a walk outside - to see what I can find

No reflections in the windows I pass by

It feels hotter in the shade - water runs up from the drain

Something's going on

Conversations with a mime - stared at by the blind

Imagination must be working overtime

The world is upside down - everything is turned around


By the time I reach your door - I can't take anymore

I just happened to be in your neighborhood

I'm the one who gets surprised - I don't believe my eyes

Your alibi's no good

Whatever happened to the world

Whatever happened to the girl I thought I knew

It just can't be true - I guess I'm losing you

Chorus x2

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