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American Pie - Super Down (Super Transatlantic)

Super TransAtlantic, I am sick and I am down

Stupefied and tragic, I'm a clown

Electric Omni-presence, I am forced beneath the ground

Exotic, bleeding, toxic, while I drown

Some might say I'm beautiful

Some might say I'm not

Super Down

I'm feeling superdown

Shaking like a spastic and I can't control my sound

Feeling kinda weak, I'm spinning round

Drinking in the desert yet I cannot find my way

Unstable and neurotic, I'm insane

Some times your high

Some times you lie

Feeling like a leper at the first day of new school

Having lost my balance I'm a fool

Laughing, teasing, taunting, 'cause they don't see things my way

I'm really wishing this would go away

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