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American Pie 2 - Bring You Down (Left Front Tire)

I feel frustration sometimes when the words don't come out right.

Footprints in the Sand reveals to me a past scene of my life.

Please stand by me through the thick and thin, though the trials of my life.

He's dealing with me now...

I turn around you're doing it again... you're doing it again.


I'm not trying to bring you down.

I just want you to see what is happening to me.

I'm not trying to bring you down.

Just understand that I was blind but I'm learning to see.

I've ran long enough from what I know is right.

The sands of yesterday are sliding through the clutched fingers of life.

I'm not saying that the fun is gone, or the times we had are in vain.

There's a break in the wilderness.

My narrow path is clearing again... it's clearing once again

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