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August Rush - King Of The Earth (John Ondrasik)

I'm as crazy as clown tonight

a clown without a crown tonight

a simple sack of wishes and bones.

I'm as useless as a memory

the day before it came to me

to save your time stitches and stones

But once in my life I was the king of the earth

once in my life,

I was.

I've flown horses on the skies above

that aint enough for you my love

to fill these empty castles with ghosts

I've married devils to their history

sood where you would bury me

through a time of statues and rows

But once in my life I was the king of the Earth

Once in my life

I was.

now that the stars have frozen in their places

all that I've hold seems gone

now that the stars have fallen from their faces

I will see you on

I'll never be your picture present

but I hope you go the rose I sent

to save your town of stitches and bones

I'm nothing more than a simple man

born to be american

out to draw these bridges and motes

but once in my life I was the kind of the Earth

Once in my life...
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