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Avenue Q - What Do You Do With A B.a. In English? (Reprise)


What do you do

With a B.A. in English?

Oh, look! A "for rent" sign!

Oh, my God! You’re Gary Coleman!

Gary Coleman:

Yes, I am!


Say, can you tell me where to find the super?

Gary Coleman:

I am the super.


Well, listen - I wanna ask you about the apartment for rent?

Gary Coleman:

Oh, sure!


Wait a minute!

Wait a minute, that’s it!

Kate Monster:




Look at this kid, here, all fresh faced and new

and not knowing anything! He has no idea

what he’s in for! He thinks the hard part’s over,

but it’s not! And maybe he needs a little help! Maybe

my purpose is to take everything I’m learning

and put it - put it into a SHOW!


Are you high?


And I’m not some young kid who doesn’t know anything.

Fuck you!
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