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Bad Boys 2 - Girl, I'm A Bad Boy (Fat Joe & P. Diddy featuring Dre)

[P. Diddy]

Terror Squad...Bad Boy...Joey Crack

[Chorus: Dre]

Girl I gotta do what I gotta do

Change my life (Change my life)

Make things right (Make things right)

And girl I'm a bad boy so I gotta do what I gotta do

Risk my life (Risk my life)

In the late night (In the late night)

Cause girl I'm a bad boy yeahhhhhh

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]

I know at times you feel stressed out

But I'm tryin' to set you up so later I can buy you up this guest house

But for now I gotta hug the block

I know you sick of visits from undercover cops

Runnin' to the kitchen tryin to hide the box

Just give me a minute and I'm gonna flood you with rocks

I gotta wicked jump shot but let's be real

Aint no scouts gonna give a sad nigga a deal

I gotta do what I gotta do that's whats up

What's with this new attitude you know bitch that is what's up

I'm a Bad Boy like 'Mike Lawry'

How you think you got that rainbow Louis

Not with a legal job's salary

[chorus: Dre]

[Verse 2: P. Diddy]

Ma' we got you stuck off the realness

You know the infamous

You heard of us

It's your Bad Boy business men

Me and Joey Crack gettin' benjamins

Sittin' in the Vanquish, the same color as cinnamon

Ma' I'm tryin' to be your knight and shinin'

To put you in the house on the Cayman Islands

Spend your whole life with stylin'

With that light that got me

Through it all you was right behind me

And ma' I know I gotta change

But right now a nigga is dealing with alot of things

It's not the same

Girl with me you can achieve whatever

But I can't change, I'm a Bad Boy forever

[Chorus: Dre] + (adlibs from Fat Joe and P. Diddy)

[Verse 3: Fat Joe]

Now we livin up in Ja-sery

In the t.v. in the car got the game on starrin' Marbury

And your ring gotta rock the size of strawberries

Everything that you want I got it don't worry

And I know it ain't about the chips

Just my way of sayin thanks for the years you put up with my shit

I had to change like the chorus said

And I'm reminded why everytime we do our thing in the waterbed

To me this is more than head

It's more than a crush

It's all about us

It's love and trust

Took the time out to make things right

It may seem nice

But I'm gonna be a Bad Boy for life

[Chorus: Dre]

[P. Diddy]

Joey Crack

They call me Diddy

Cool and Dre

Bad Boys 2 the Soundtrack

Good lookin' Joe

Terror Squad baby

Bad Boy Collabo

Yeah, and we won't stop

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