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Bad Boys 2 - Pretty Girl Bullshit (Mario Winans featuring Foxy Brown)

[Intro: Mario Winans] (Foxy) {Puffy}

Oh baby, I can't live with you I can't live without you {yeah}

Live with you I can't live without you, babe {I like this}

Oh babe, oh I can't live with you I can't live without you babe

(Bad Boy baby!) {Bad Boy} (Uh, oh) {yeah, yeah! Let's go}

[Foxy Brown] {Puffy}

I hear duke boning Keisha, Tonya and Tiff (uh huh) {yeah}

Move ya bloodclot 'fore I cock the fifth! {uh huh}

Had a bitch in my '03 six

Had a hoe rockin' my red gold Cartier on her wrist, now

Think about it while the streets you roam

Fuck around, won't be shiiit in the crib when you get home

I roll with Sean Combs (uh huh), I'm in Caprice {that's right}

Jet ski, watching duke through the global phone {let's go}

Bad Boy come through in the toy {Bad Boy baby}

And I'm boning his boy, while he in the hood slinging up oi

Ooh {ohh}, y'all don't want a girl in Yves Saint Laurent

You'd rather fuck a hoe in a bullshit Gabann' (now) {yeah}

And what the fuck he on?!

Stop your bloodclot crying 'fore these plates start flying {heh heh}

I'm a Bad girl, illest bitch grinding {Bad Girl}

Sean John Rolls hold chocolate diamonds, owww! {let's go, Mario}

[Mario Winans]

What am I to do, when you act a fool

Do I put on your shoes and act a fool like you

Now baby that ain't cool, you ain't got a clue

What you had in me, too fine to see

And I don't really wanna be baby

[1 - Mario Winans]

What's the reason you want me

Girl the truth is you need me

First you say that you trust me

then you go and betray me

Now I took all I can

And I know I'm a good man

God I wash my hands, make another plan

Cos I don't really wanna stay baby

[Chorus: Mario Winans]

So if you wanna go, walk right out that door

Cos I don't want no more, of your pretty girl bull-ish

If you wanna leave, it's okay with me

Matter of fact I'm begging please

Take your pretty girl bull

[Mario Winans]

Now this is number two, them chance I gave to you

You said it was the end, but here we go again

I thought I was a friend, not just another man

While holding hands, you don't understand

and I don't really get you baby


[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Foxy Brown] {Puffy}

{Aiyyo, aiyyo Fox}

Now the tables dun turned and duke fell off {yeah}

But I'm stylin' you seen Fox cover the Source {you see it}

Y'all see the G5, y'all see me come through {yeah}

verr' nice crib and a nurr' blue five {uh huh}

Y'all see the G4 {you see it, yeah}

Duke come out the hood, let me take you on a Tito borough tour {c'mon}

Y'all don't want a bitch in Juicy Couture {no you don't}

You'd rather fuck a hoe in a Reebok velour {haha}

But I'm a bad girl, whips to crashing {yeah, Bad Girl}

Y'all know how Fox do it with the Sean John fashion {that's right}

So tell me why you continue to lie {why}

I seen the bitch in the seven fourty five L.I. now {uh huh}

Just tell me why I continue to try {uh huh}

Full of bullshit, he acting like a star can't cry {c'mon man}

He acting like I'm blind {what}

And how he doing this bullshit

acting like I ain't get the nigga fly {let's go}

[Chorus] - repeat w/ ad libs to fade

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