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Beverly Hills 90210 - Got 2 Have U (Color Me Badd)


Oh you make my world go round

Pick me up when I’m down

This much you mean to me ( ah - ah - ah)

The way you understand

The way you hold my hand

In times of loving me (lovely...)

Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely

Ooh, I got that feeling inside

When I get you on my mind (ya -ya - ooh - ya!)

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely

Ya that deep down feeling inside

I’m begging you to be mine


Say, gotta have you for myself

I want you in my life

I’m tryin to tell you

That I really gotta have ya’

Cuz’ girl you are so sweet,

Your sweet enough to eat

I wanna’ let you know

I really gotta have you.

As gentle as a rose

My love for you knows

You must be sent from above - ooh ya!

And when I am on my knees

To God I’m begging you please

Let me jump in your love...Ooh...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.....

Ooh, That deep down feeling ya

It’s like a summer dream (I’m dreaming)

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely....

Ya’ that deep down feeling inside

Now wont you set me free


Said we got your motion, earl of potion

Dog in motion

Met her from around the way

Yo’ me never find a girl - So what?

The island chillin’ - coolin’ and willin’

To get with that girlie

She was one in a million

Met her from around the way

Yo’ me never find a girl so fly and lovely

Sweet lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely...

Baby you know

I really got to have you!
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