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Blade - The Edge Of The Blade - Mystikal

Man I got something to tell you

I don't know how to explain it

But I'm different (crazy)


I'm, I'm, I'm not like you

I'm not like others

It's like I've been here before

{Verse 1}

504 is the domain I don't sang

My rhyme go bang

Nigga, ain't in the place get a flame and ya act like propane

No sweat, no blood, no pain, no gain (Blade)

No cards, no deal, no dice, no game, no thangs

I'm givin you bitches something vicious

Now I'm partin the pieces like porcelain dishes

I'm dirty

I get all the way down in the ground witch


Memorize, take a picture, nigga write a book, I don't give a fuck

I'm blended bile, ground rip up

Darem here

They down to give up

Nigga you underneath, me out my entrance

Off by inches I can count a hundred thousand pennies

Help me center

Look at that, look at that, look at that, get back

I get that respect like that gatlin bitch whats happen

I rip tracks and pop tables

I'm so popular they just got the rock I spread

Time I got a blunt what I said (Blade)

I gets pride cus I'm from round where the crocodiles play

(singing) ??? gonna be none that

I make em' say

Aww give it to me don't be that way

I'm tellin ya from cuttin ya tellin what the music

I've been doin this shit

I'm highly trained on how to use it

Start checkin somebody bout the prospective

Passes are selective maximum effectiveness

Brain celftic

Brown completic

It just don't get no ???

I'll perfect it

Yall niggas couldn't pop a rubber band on my parade

Choppin and slicin with the edge of the blade

The blade {x 24}

{clip from movie}

{Blade:} There are worse things out tonight than vampires

{Girl:} Like what?

{Blade:} Like me

{Verse 2}

I turn a sucka into supper

Got suffer

Mighta hada enough

Thats why I cus (come on fucker)

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

They can't hide from the pain cus the noise don't stop

They don't stand a ghost of a chance but the try

One side of my mind tell me to get the other say let em' ride

Even when a couple of hundred years gone by

They still gonna bite and I'm still gonna fly

Yes....five fingers around their necks

I'll run through your back and come out your chest

You movin to fast you forgot to pace your self

Aww shit here it comes nigga brace your self

Oh my goodness

Don't worry I'ma getcha no matter how I put it

Imitates, I'm limit, tall limit, tell it (Blade)

Let me finish hedgehog and answer fella

You would if you could but you dont get up off

And I'm the hand on tha hammer on the nail in the coffin

I'm marchin to a different drummer

At the head of the parade

I'm the edge of the blade

{Chorus x32}
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