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Carousel - Mister Snow


His name is Mister Snow,

And an up-standed man is he.

He comes home every night in his round-bottomed boat,

With a net full of herring from the sea.

An almost perfect beau,

As refined as a girl could wish.

But he spends so much time in his round-bottomed boat

That he can't seem to lose the smell of fish.

The first time he kissed me the whiff from his clothes

Knocked me flat on the floor of the room.

But now that I love him, my heart's in my nose

And fish is my fav'rite perfume!

Last night he spoke quite low,

And a fair-spoken man is he.

And he said "Miss Pipperidge, I'd like it fine

If I could be wed with a wife.

And indeed, Miss Pipperidge, if you'll be mine,

I'll be yours for the rest of my life."

Next moment we were promised,

And now my mind's in a maze.

For all it can do is look forward to

That wonderful day of days!

When I marry Mister Snow

The flowers'll be buzzin' with the hum of bees

The birds'll make racket in the church yard trees

When I marry Mister Snow

Then it's off to home we'll go.

And both of us'll look a little dreamy-eyed

A driving to a cottage by the Oceanside

Where the salty breezes blow.

He'll carry me 'cross the threshold,

And I'll be as meek as a lamb.

Then he'll set me on my feet,

And I'll say kinda sweet,

"Well, Mister Snow, here I am."

Then I'll kiss him so he'll know

That evry'thin'll be as right as right can be

A living in a cottage by the sea with me

For I love that Mister Snow.

That young sea-faring,

Bold and daring,

Big bewhiskered, overbearing

Darling Mister Snow.
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