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Carousel - Mister Snow (Reprise) (rodgers & Hammerstein)


When you walk down the isle all the heads will turn,

What a rustlin' of bonnets there'll be.

And you'll try to smile, but your cheeks will burn,

And your eyes'll get so dim you can hardly see.

With your orange blossoms quiverin' in your hand,

And you'll stumble to the spot where the parson is,

Then your finger will be ringed with a golden band,

And you'll know the feller's yours,

And you are his.


When I marry Mister Snow,

The flowers'll be humming with the hum of bees,

The birds'll make a racket in the churchyard trees.

When I marry Mister Snow.

Then it's off to home we'll go,

And both of us'll look a little dreamy-eyed,

A drivin' to a cottage by the oceanside

Where the salty breezes blow.

He'll carry me across the threshold,

And I'll be as meek as a lamb.

Then he'll set me on my feet,

And I'll say kind of sweet,

"Well Mister Snow, here I am!"

Mister Snow:

Then I'll kiss her show she'll know

That ev'rything'll be as right as right can be,

A livin' in a cottage by the sea with me

Where the salty breezes blow.

I love Miss Pipperidge,

And I aim to

Make Miss Pipperidge

Changer her name to

Misses Enoch Snow
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