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Casper - Casper The Friendly Ghost (Little Richard)

Cas-per the friend-ly ghost,

the friend-li-est ghost you know.

Though grown-ups might look at him with fright,

the child-ren all love him so.

Cas-per the friend-ly ghost, he couldn't be bad or mean.

He'll romp and play, sing and dance all day,

the friend-li-est ghost you've seen.

He al-ways says "Hel-lo," and he's real-ly glad to meet-cha.

Where - ev-er he may go he's kind to ev-'ry liv-ing creat-ure.

Grown-ups don't un-der-stand why chil-dren love him the most,

But kids all know he loves them so, Cas-per the friend-ly ghost.