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Cosa Più Dolce (La) - The Penis Song


You're too big to fit in here

too big to fit in here

too big to fit in here

What a lovely ride

Your penis is a thrill

Your penis is a Cadillac

A giant Coupe de Ville

Your penis packs a wallop

Your penis brings a load

And when it makes a delivery

It needs its own zip code

Nine - double zero - penis

Repeat Chorus

Your penis is so strong

Your penis is so smooth

Your penis has got a rhythm

Your penis makes me groove

Your penis is a dream

The biggest one I've seen

It's oozy and it's green

(spoken) Ewww

(spoken) Sorry

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Your penis is so big

Your penis is so thick

Your penis is so pretty

You've got a handsome dick

Your penis is so hard

Your penis is so large

My body is a movie

And your penis is the star

"Staring your penis"

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus
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