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Crossroads - Shake Ya Ass - Mystikal

Mmm! Mmm, mmm, mmm


{Hook - repeat 2X}

Shake ya ass, but watch yourself

Shake ya ass, show me what you workin with

{Verse 1}

I came here with my dick in my hand

Don't make me leave here with my foot in yo' ass; be cool

And don't worry bout how I'm rippin this shit

When I'm flippin what I'm kickin nigga, that's just what I do

I'm effervesecet and I'm off that crescent

Nastier than a full grown German Shepherd; motherfucker keep steppin

They don't fuck with me and they don't

Y'all bitches cant catch me and you won't

Pay ya fare, fix ya hair, throw that pussy

Got a Prada for boonapalist, and Donna for my babooski

You think I'm trickin? Bitch, I ain't trippin

I'm buyin if you got nice curves for your iceberg

Drinkin Henn and actin like it do somethin to me

Hope this indecent proposal make you do somethin with me

Fuck a dollar girl, pick up fifty

And fuck that coward you need a real nigga

Off top knick-a-boxers hurtin shit

Bend over hoe; show me what you workin with!



Attention all y'all players and pimps

Right now in the place to be (shake ya ass)

I thought I told y'all niggas before

Y'all niggas can't fuck with me (watch yourself)

Now this ain't for no small booties

No sir cause that won't pass (show me whatcha workin with)

But if you feel you got the biggest one

Then momma come shake ya ass


{Verse 2}

I like my women fire like CAY-ENNE!!

Chocolate and bowlegged - when I'm runnin up behind her!!

Go head get ya pop-a-lock let the cock out

For girl don't lie you know you wanna go back to my house

"The Man Right Chea" wanna get under that dress right there

You spicy cajun we gon' a good time over there

You better suck the head on them there crawfish

And you gotta bend all the way over to dance off this

Handle yo' business but I know you do it way better, you dead wrong

So if you talkin bout how niggaz make noise when you pass by

get yo' fine ass on the floor girl this yo' fuckin song!

Do yo' thang dont be scared, cause you gon' get served

You get mine then you gon' get yours

Bout to make yo' ass love it

Raise it up, show the G-string hustlin hustlin



{Verse 3}

Stop yo' cryin heffer, I don't need all that

I got a job for you - the braided up pimp is back

Break them handcuffs, fuck you nigga move somethin

And if they ask you what you doin say, "Ooohh nuttin!"

And we been doin for the past 2 somethin

And I've been beatin that pussy up now it's smooth fuckin

You can betcha bottom dollar; if that pussy fire

you gon' holla Michael Tyler!

So don't act like you don't be backin that stuff up

Girl in the club, cause that's what you got ass for

Wobble wobble I'm infatuated

Bitch ride a dick like she makin a baby

And I see that we gon' have to go to a quiet corner for just us two an'

Don't worry about who lookin, just keep on doin what you doin

Cause a nigga like me gon' get to work before I know the girl

Bitch whats happnin, let 'em see, show the world!

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