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Crossroads - Suckerpunch - Bowling For Soup

Here she comes again with another boyfriend,

introduces me and says,

“this is the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.”

Couldn’t say a word. I never say a word.

She wraps her arms around my neck.

“You are the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.”

And I say again “THIS IS THE LAST TIME”


When you left before I didn’t care too much

Cause I just wished you’d go away

And I see you now and it’s just too much

Takes my breath away ... Just like a suckerpunch

There she goes again she says I’m her best friend

and “were better off this way” she says

cause your still the sweetest guy I’ve ever known.

Her smell stays on my shirt, I can’t say a word

can’t swallow this lump inside my neck

cause you’re still the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.

And I say again ......

And I said before.....

And I say once more “THIS IS THE LAST TIME”
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