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Fantasma Dell'Opera (Il) - Think Of Me

Think of me

think of me fondly,

when we've said goodbye.

Remember me

once in a while -

please promise me

you'll try.


Andre, this is doing nothing for my nerves.


Don't fret, Firmin.


When you find

that, once

again, you long

to take your heart back

and be free -

if you

ever find

a moment,

spare a thought

for me

(Transformation to the Gala. CHRISTINE is

revealed in full costume)

We never said

our love

was evergreen,

or as unchanging

as the sea -

but if

you can still


stop and think

of me . . .

Think of all the things

we've shared and seen -

don't think about the things

which might have been . . .

Think of me,

think of me waking,

silent and


Imagine me,

trying too hard

to put you

from my mind.

Recall those days

look back

on all those times,

think of the things

we'll never do -

there will

never be

a day, when

I won't think

of you . .

(Applause, bravos. Prominent among the bravos, those

of the young RAOUL in the MANAGERS' box)


Can it be?

Can it be Christine?


(he raises his opera-glasses)

What a change!

You're really

not a bit

the gawkish girl

that once you were...

(lowering his opera-glasses)

She may

not remember

me, but

I remember



We never said

our love

was evergreen,

or as unchanging

as the sea -

but please

promise me,

that sometimes

you will think of me!
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