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Five Guys Named Moe - If I Had Any Sense I'd Go Back Home


I remember the day I caught the train

I was standin' out at the railway crossin',

soakin wet with rain

fortune and fame is not for me

and all those pretty stories ain't what they're

cooked up to be,

every move I made was wrong,

if I had any sense I'd go back home

well my mother was cryin', my father had

an aching heart.

He said, son, please don't let us part,

my sweetheart stood cryin', I cried a little bit too,

but I didn't have the will to stop,

I had to do what i had to do.

Every move I made was wrong,

if I had any sense I'd go back home,

my baby wrote me a letter saying come back to my side,

but I can't go back now 'coz I got too much pride

I'm havin' so much trouble I don't know what to do,

there's nothing but my mother and father's prayers

to see me through,

I stayed away too long,

if I had any sense I'd go back home
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