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Footloose - Footloose (Kenny Loggins)

Been working so hard

I'm punching my card

Eight hours, for what

Oh, tell me what I got

I've done this feeling

That time's just holdihg me down

I'll hit the ceiling

Or else I'll tear up this town

Now I gotta cut

*Loose, footloose

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Please, Louise

Pull me offa my knees

Jack, get back

C'mon before we crack

Lose your blues

Everybody cut footloose

You're playkng so cool

Obeykng every rule

Dig way down in your heart

You're yearning, yearnkng for some

Somebody to tell you

That life ain't passing you by

I'm trying to tell you

It will if you don't even try

You can fly if you'd noly cut

Loose, footloose

Kick off your Sunday shoes

Oowhee, Marie

Shake it, shake it for me

Whoa, Milo

C'mon, c'mon let's go

Lose your blues

Everybody cut footloose

We got to turn you around

You put your feet on the ground

Now take a hold of your ball

I'm turning it

(Repeat *)

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