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Footloose - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Denise Williams)

My baby, he don't talk sweet

He ain't got much to say

But he loves me, loves me, loves me

O know that he loves me anyway

And maybe he don't dress fine

But i don't really mind

'cuz every time he pulls me near

I just wanna chear:


Let's hear it for the boy

Oh, let's give the boy a hand

Let's hear it for my baby

You gotta understand

Maybe he's no romeo

But he's my loving one man show

Let's hear it for the boy!

My baby may not be rich

He's waching every dime

But every night he holds me

And we always have a real good time

And maybe he sings off key

That's all right by me

But what he does, he does so well

Makes me wanna yell:

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