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Gay Divorce - A Weekend Affair


It's curious fact

That during the week

I simply never think of love

But the moment Friday night appears

I begin to.


Tho' I always have lacked

The courage to speak

About the thing you're talking of

When the weekend comes I feel a longing

To sin too.


Two brains with the same queer complex.


Two hearts with a single urge,


It does seem rather fated

That we should merge.

Here we are, well matched and unattached,

In a spot beyond compare.

What a staging gor engaging

In a weekend affair.

When your system cries for exercise

And you're tired of city air

No distraction has the action

Of a weekend affair.

All through Saturday and Sunday

We can give romance a try

But the moment we awake

And see it's Monday,


And there after, when we meet again,

We'll exchange a stony stare.

What a chic end

To a weekend

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