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Gay Divorce - I Still Love The Red, White And Blue


A bunch of Bolsheviks, one day,

Were working out an easy way

To make this hellish world a perfect heaven,

And among that thickly bearded clan

To discuss the five-and-ten-cent plan

Was a pure American girl of thirty-seven.

The leader rose and said to them,

"Is this the flag you love?"

And he waved a scarlet banner to and fro,

To which they all, with great success,

Pronounced the Russian word for "Yes,"

except the American girl, who cried "No."

I still love the red, white and blue,

You may think that I'm funny, but I do,

I cannot understand to what it is owin',

I must be a cross between Betsy Ross and George M. Cohan

To progress I may be a drag,

But the star-spangled banner is my flag.

Because of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Monroe,

Longfellow, Whittier, Bryant and Poe,

Pershing and Lindbergh and Morgan and Mellon

And Amos and Andy too,

I still love the red, white and blue.

I still love the red, white and blue,

People here think it's crazy, but I do,

We've arraged I should meet that young man Mountbatten

But why should I wait when I got a date with old Manhattan.

Where else could the wild sow an oat

Had that bimbo Columbus missed his boat.

In spite of cyclones and prairie fires, earthquakes, and floods,

Luckies, Chesterfields, Camels and Spuds,

Grifters anf grafters, con men and gunmen

And men I've been married to,

I still love the red, white and blue.
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