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Gay Divorce - Why Marry Them?


When I see troops of carrieges

go marching to marriages

My heart always bleeds for the bride,

For I know that her honeymoon

Will soon seem a funny moon

When alone she sits nursing her pride.

For all men are polygamous,

At heart at least bigamous,

And when the night falls

Their eyes start to roam,

So it's pure asininity

To save ones virginity

For a husband who hates to come home.


Why marry them?

Why to the alter carry them?

Why not simply keep one or two about

And when you get tired of them

Throw them out?

Why humor them,

When so many wives testify

That as lovers they charm,

As husbands they bore,

As lovers they're dovoted,

As husbands - no more,

As lovers they love you,

And as your husband they snore,

So why marry them, why?
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