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Gay Divorce - You're In Love


Coffee, Guy?


Pleas, Mimi.


How many lumps?




Tonetti, how about you?


No, no, non voglio niente.

Iere sera, ho dovuto mangiare

Qualche cosa che mi ha fatto male.

Non me sento bene.


Ah, che desastro.

As fas as I go,

I woke today feeling so gay

I don't know what it should be.


I too admit I never felt so fit

I wonder what's happened to me


Do you ask me, do you dare,

Aren't you perfectly aware?

You're in love.

What a marvelous picture to view.

I congratulate you - you're in love

You're in love.

It's no wonder that life seems so sweet,

You have the world at your feet.

You're in love.

So adore your love,

Respect your love,

And protect our love from all harm.

Love today is so rare

That it is worth your care.

High above there are angels just dying

To come down out of heaven flying

And go walking with you hand in glove.

You're in love.