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Guys And Dolls - Marry The Man Today (Prince, Faith)

At Wanamaker's and Saks and Klein's

A lesson I've been taught

You can't get alterations on a dress you haven't bought

At any vegetable market from Borneo to Nome

You mustn't squeeze a melon till you get the melon home.

You've simply got to gamble

You get no guarantee

Now doesn't that kind of apply to you and I

You and me.

Why not?

Why not what?

Marry the man today.

Trouble though he may be

Much as he likes to play

Crazy and wild and free

Marry the man today

Rather than sigh in sorrow

Marry the man today

And change his ways tomorrow.

Marry the man today.

Marry the man today

Maybe he's leaving town

Don't let him get away

Hurry and track him down

Counterattack him and

Marry the man today

Give him the girlish laughter

Give him your hand today

And save the fist for after.

Slowly introduce him to the better things

Respectable, conservative, and clean

Readers Digest

Guy Lombardo

Rogers Peet




But marry the man today

Handle it meek and gently

Marry the man today and train him subsequently

Carefully expose him to domestic life

And if he ever tries to stray from you

Have a pot roast.

Have a headache

Have a baby

have two!




But Marry the Man today

Rather than sign and sorrow

Marry the man today

And chance his ways - change his ways - his ways

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