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Hackers - Heaven Knows (Squeeze)

You're no Dame, I'm no Duke

Somehow love is a fluke

We've survived thick and thin

Taking knocks on the chin

In the eyes of the sad

We may be barking mad

But the truth has been ceased

We are like chalk and cheese

You wind me up and I drive you mad

It¡'s a fact of life, it goes hand in hand

And I know that look, it¡'s read like a book

And I realize

I don¡'t care what the world has to say

You should know that I love you

I love you

I love you today

When the boat starts to rock

Then my ears start to block

All the words that you say

Through the night, through the day

Where there's muck there is brass

And the storm soon will pass

Then it's back to the norm

All the cold turns to warm

Sometimes I think life crawls like a snail

And all of our dreams become the wind in your sails

Without wealth it's true, who cares what you do

And I realize

I can feel the eyes behind us as we walk

I can see the ears that listen when we talk
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