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Harry Potter E Il Calice Di Fuoco - Magic Works (Jarvis Cocker)

This one’s going out to all the lover’s out there

Hold each other tight and keep each other warm

Dance, your final dance

This is your final chance

To hold the one you love

You know, you’ve waited

Long enough

So believe, that magic works

Don’t be afraid of being hurt

Don’t let, this magic die

The answer's there

Oh, just look in her eyes

And make, your final move

Hmmm, don’t be scared

She wants you to

Yeah, it's hard

You must be brave

Don’t let this moment slip away

So believe, that magic works

Don’t be afraid, afraid of being hurt

No, don’t let this magic die

Ohh, the answer's there

Yeah, just look in her eyes

And don’t believe that magic can die,

No, no, no, this magic can't die

So dance, your final dance,

Cause this is, your final chance.
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