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Hills (The) - Little Razorblade (The Pink Spiders)

Hey, hey, little razorblade, girl you're so so dangerous

you say you wanna try and get away and thats just so obvious

but I've got the keys so lets put it into drive

Hey, hey, little razorblade, girl you're so so serious

you're only pretty when you walk away and you act oblivious

but I've got the keys so let's put it into drive

but don't call it a crush don't call it a crush, baby

you know I love you too much to be crushed like that

Give back my heart tonight I'm sick of never smiling 'cause you're so uptight

'cause we know its not alright but neither one of us is putting up a fight.

And you're right that its wrong to spend the night alone

you stand on the shore as I'm treading water

and wave as I sink like a stone

Hey, hey, little razorblade, girl you're so so obnoxious

this lucid dream is now reality and it makes me so anxious
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