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Into The Woods - It Takes Two


You've changed.

You're daring.

You're different in the woods.

More sure.

More sharing.

You're getting us through the woods.

If you could see-

You're not the man who started,

And much more openhearted

Than I knew

You to be.


It takes two.

I thought one was enough,

It's not true:

It takes two of us

You came through

When the journey was rough.

It took you.

It took two of us.

It takes care.

It takes patience and fear and despair

To change.

Though you swear

To change,

Who can tell if you do?

It takes two.


You've changed.

You're thriving.

There's something about the woods.

Not just


You're blossoming in the woods.

At home I'd fear

We'd stay the same forever.

And then out here-

You're passionate





It takes one

To begin, but then once

You've begun,

It takes two of you.

It's no fun,

But what needs to be done

You can do

When there's two of you.

If I dare,

It's because I'm becoming

Aware of us

As a pair of us,

Each accepting a share

Of what's there.


We've changed.

We're strangers.

I'm meeting you in the woods.

Who minds

What dangers?

I know we'll get past the woods.

And once we're past,

Lets' hope the changes last

Beyond woods,

Beyond witches and slippers and hoods,

Just the two of us-

Beyond lies,

Safe at home with out beautiful prize,

Just the few of us.

It takes trust.

It takes just

A bit more

And we're done.

We want four,

We had none.

We've got three.

We need one.

It takes two.
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