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Into The Woods - Maybe They're Magic


Magic beans!


No one would have given him more

for this creature.


Are we to dispel this curse through deceit?


If you know

What you want,

Then you go

And you find it

And you get it-




Do we want a child or not?

And you give

And you take

And you bid

And you bargain

Or youl ive

To regret it.


Will you please go home?


There are rights and wrongs

And in-betweens-

No one waits

When fortune intervenes.

Amd maybe they're really magic,

Who knows?

Why you do

What you do,

That's the point:

All the rest of it

Is chatter.


Look at her. She's crying.


If the thing you do

Is pure in intent,

If it's meant,

And it's just a little bent,

Does it matter?




No, what matters is that

Everyone tells tiny lies.

What's important, really is, the size.

Only three more tries and we'll have our prize.

When the end's in sight,

You'll realize:

If the end is right,

It justifies

The beans!
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