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Invincible - Mandolin Wind (Rod Stewart)

When the rain came I thought you'd leave

'cause I knew how much you loved the sun

But you chose to stay, stay and keep me warm

through the darkest nights I've ever known

If the mandolin wind couldn't change a thing

then I know I love ya

Oh the snow fell without a break

Buffalo died in the frozen fields you know

Through the coldest winter in almost fourteen years

I couldn't believe you kept a smile

Now I can rest assured knowing that we've seen the worst

And I know I love ya

Oh I never was good with romantic words

so the next few lines come really hard

Don't have much but what I've got is yours

except of course my steel guitar

Ha, 'cause I know you don't play

but I'll teach you one day

because I love ya

I recall the night we knelt and prayed

Noticing your face was thin and pale

I found it hard to hide my tears

I felt ashamed I felt I'd let you down

No mandolin wind couldn't change a thing

Couldn't change a thing no, no

The coldest winter in almost fourteen years

could never, never change your mind

And I love ya

Yes indeed and I love ya

And I love ya

Lordy I love ya
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