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It's A Boy Girl Thing - Goodbye To Romance (Ozzy Osbourne)

Yesterday has been and gone

Tomorrow will I find the sun

or will it rain

Everybody's having fun

Except me I'm the lonely one

I live in shame


I said goodbye to romance, yeah

Goodbye to friends, I tell you

Goodbye to all the past

I guess that we'll meet,

we'll meet in the end

I've been the king, I've been the clown

now broken wings can't hold me down

I'm free again

The jester with the broken crown

It won't be me this time around

to love in vain

(repeat chorus)

and I feel the time is right

although I know that you just might say to me

what you gonna do

what you gonna do

But I have to check this chance

goodbye to friends and to romance

And to all of you

And to all of you

Come'on now!

(repeat chorus)

and the winter is looking fine

and I think the sun will shine again

and I feel I've cleaned my mind

all the past is left behind again

(repeat chorus)
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