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Kill Bill Volume 1 - You're My Wicked Life - David Carradine, Julie Dreyfus & Uma Thurman


If you had to guess why she left you alive.

What would be your guess?

Sofie Fatale:

Guess it wouldn't be necessary.

She informed me...

She said I could keep my wicked live for two reasons

The Bride:

As I said before..

I've allowed you to keep your wicked live for two reasons.

And the second reason is, so you can tell him, in person

everything that happened to you tonight. I want him to witness

the extend of my mercy by witnessing your deformed body.

I want you to tell him all the information you've just told me.

I want him to know what I know.

I want him to know what I want him to know.

And I want them all to know, they'll all soon be as dead as already
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