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Laws Of Attraction - Matrimonio In Appello - Maybe (Dana Glover)

Here I go climbing a mountain

It's much too high for me

And here I go crossing the ocean

Losing myself, getting lost in the sea

Where did I go wrong

When did I stop singing a love song

Maybe I was wrong

Maybe I was blind and could not see

Maybe you were never the one

Maybe you were not the one for me


Here I go posing a question

Not sure of what I'll hear

Here I go refusing to let you answer

Until I make myself so very clear

We can take what was wrong

We can end these words in a love song

Maybe if we try

Maybe we can start again when we've already said good-bye

Maybe we can still be what we always dreamed that we could be

And I know that I was wrong to let you go

But I'm still holding on to let you know

Maybe I was wrong

Maybe I was blind and could not see

Oh but baby I'll be strong

And I'll sacrifice the very breath I breathe

If I could only hear you say to me

When I ask you if you think you still love me

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