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Colonna Sonora Les Miserables

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The Runaway Cart
Overture / Work Song / Look Down (Chain Gang)
Valjean Arrested/valjean Forgiven (Policeman)
What Have I Done? (Valjean)
At The End Of The Day (Unemployed & Factor)
I Dreamed A Dream (Fantine)
Lovely Ladies (Fantine & Valjean)
Who Am I? (Valjean)
Fantine's Arrest + Come To Me (Fantine's Death) (fantine & Valjean)
Confrontation (Javert & Valjean)
Castle On A Cloud (Cosette)
Master Of The House (M. & Mme. Thenardie)
The Thenardier Waltz Of Treachery (M. & Mme. Thenardie)
Look Down (Gavroche & The Begg)
Stars (Javert)
Red And Black - The Abc Cafe (Enjolras, Marius)
Do You Hear The People Sing? (Enjolras, The Stude)
In My Life (Cosette, Valjean)
A Heart Full Of Love (Cosette, Marius)
Plumet Attack (Thenardier's Gang)
One Day More! (Company)
At The Barricade (Enjolras, The Stude)
On My Own (Eponine)
Upon These Stones (Building The Barricade) (policemen, Enjolras)
Javert At The Barricade/little People (Javert, Enjolras)
The First Attack (Enjolras & Students)
A Little Fall Of Rain (Eponine & Marius)
The Night / Drink With Me (Grantaire, Students)
Bring Him Home (Valjean)
Dog Eats Dog (Thenardier)
Javert's Suicide (Javert)
Turning (Women Of Paris)
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Marius)
Wedding Chorale/beggars At The Feast (Guests, M. & Mme. T)
Finale (Company)
The Bargain
The Robbery
Javert's Intervention
Eponine'e Errand
Javert's Arrival
Night Of Anguish
The Second Attack (Death Of Gavroche)
The Final Battle
Valjean's Confession
Finale 2