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Light It Up - Anything (112)

Ooh, ooh

Can't believe you want to leave me so cold

All I really wanted was to be with you baby

Can't imagine ever living life without you

I'll do anything for you

1 - Cause I'm all turned out

I don't know what to do

I feel so down and out

Would somebody tell me?

Hurry up and tell me

What love is all about

Girl you drive me crazy

Can't you see baby

You can't leave me alone

I'll do anything for you

Anything for you

For you there's nothing I would not do

I'd drive across the seven seas to be with you baby

Just believe that I can make your wishes come true

Cause I'll do anything for you

Girl I'm...

Repeat 1

So many times I wondered

Just how love could be so good to me, to me baby

All that I know is that when it comes to you

There are no limits that I'd deny for you

(--Ooh--) Wish somebody would tell me

(--Ooh--) Driving me crazy, can't you see baby

(--Ooh--) Anything for you

(--Ooh--) Anything for you

Repeat 1

I love you baby
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