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Light It Up - Free To Believe (Jack Herrera)

Some people will tell you it's impossible

to do what you wanna do

even some we call family

try to stop our growth too-sometimes they do

But it's all just a matter of time

waiting for your stars to align

then the day arrives

open wide

see your destiny

what was meant to be


Nobody knows

all the people try to tell you so

you gotta see

what your soul is telling you to be

free to believe

All who chose to hate you

and all you set out to do

-everything you try to do, they're gonna hit on you

fuel for the fire

burning Bright inside of you

all the people said you lead the way

will pat you on the back

stilll talking shit today

they'll all be laughing in your face

Who's gonna live your life

gonna make you right

gonna do your time

gonna make it happen

you gonna see you cry

you can change your life

if you change your mind

you can make it happen
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