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Light It Up - Here (Beverly)

Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah

What we have may not be much

But boy at least its real, oh yeah its real

And there ain't no one in this world

Who can turn me away or change the way I feel

Oh the way I feel

What they need to understand

Is when I need you, you're always there

Even with our backs up against the wall

You won't ever let me fall baby ooh

1 - No one can change this heart of mine

I am his and he is mine

No one else will ever do

Half of all that we've been through

Baby we're still here

One no matter what we do

You're for me and I'm for you

Always there through thick and thin

Stick together till the end

Baby I'll be right here, right here

Now I have come to know love

For everything it's worth

For no longer will I search for a man to show me love

Cause you're all I need and more yeah

Now I'm no longer alone

We have weathered many storms yeah

And if tears should fall

You're my shoulder to cry on

Repeat 1

Whoa, whoa

Said I gotta be, see I'm gonna be

Whoa, whoa

Said I'm gonna be, see I got to be

Whoa, whoa

Said I gotta be, see I wanna be there for you

Whoa, whoa

Said I gotta be, I need to be

Repeat 1 till end
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